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The order of reviewing of articles submitted to the editorial Board of the journal "Russian language at school"

  1. Articles submitted to the journal, are reviewed within two months for their expert evaluation.
  2. Reviewers are the members of the editorial Board, which acknowledged experts on the subject of the reviewed materials, and has in the past 3 years publications on the subject of the reviewed article. The peer review experts are involved in the problems that are covered in the article.
  3. The review noted the relevance and scientific novelty of the article, its the alignment direction of the journal, the practical significance of presented papers evaluated the scientific level proposed for publication.
  4. Review signed by the reviewer and certified by his place of work or in the magazine.
  5. If the article needs revision, it expressed wishes that the author should consider in further work.
  6. If the article is rejected, the editorial office will send the authors copies of the reviews or submit a motivated rejection.
  7. The names of the reviewers to the authors are not disclosed.
  8. The editorial team is obliged to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation upon receipt at the editors request.
  9. Reviews are kept in editorial office for 5 years.
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