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Русский язык в школе
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Information for authors

The editorial board accepts articles submitted in 2 copies. They should be compulsory correspond to the next requirements:

  • print –Times New Roman, 14, 1.5 spacing;
  • scope – 8-10 pages;
  • references at the end of the article;
  • key words and abstracts submitted in Russian and English languages;
  • author information (home address, telephone number, place of employment, academic degree, rank, position held, e-mail and the Declaration of consent for publication of materials in the electronic version of the review).

For accuracy of citation of literary texts and scientific literature the authors of the articles are responsible. Manuscripts submitted to editors will not be returned.

From the 1st of January 2015 only the electronic version of the review is available to the authors. Everyone, who wants to receive a paper copy, can apply for six-month subscription at post offices. Single copies can be bought directly from the publisher.

Note for graduate and doctoral students

The review "Russian language at school" is included in the list of
reviews of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles
. Those who want to publish their materials in our review should take into account that each recieved paper undergoes an obligatory recension (this usually takes about two months) and the edition portfolio is overloaded with current and specially commissioned articles and the preparation of materials for printing also takes some time. Therefore, you should submit your articles to the editor in advance – at least 6 months before the expected date of thesis defense.

The content of articles should match the profile of the review, so if you are not a subscriber "Russian language at school", please get acquainted with its content and ways of presenting the material.

We wish to draw your attention

Since 2011, the editorial board accepts presentations to lessons and articles for posting on the website in the public domain. If you have presentations to lessons and articles, please submit them. If your presentation is less than 7 MB, just send it to us by mail. If more, use depositfiles and send us a link to the file by e-mail.

Address: 101000, Moscow, post office, Pokrovsky boulevard, 4/17-5.

The way from the "Kitay-gorod" metro station: exit to the street Maroseyka, trolleybuses 25, 45 to the stop "Pokrovskie vorota", further according the scheme.

The way from the "Chistye prudy" and the "Turgenevskaya" metro stations: exit on Chistoprudny boulevard, any tram to the stop " Pokrovskie vorota", further according the scheme.

Phone/Fax: 624-75-18.


The way to editorial office (15 minute on foot):

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