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Русский язык в школе
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About the review

"Russian language at school" is the oldest scientific review in Russia. Its publisher and founder – LLC “Our language”. Its first issue was released in August, 1914 (when the review was called "Maternal language at school"). The editor and publisher was the teacher of the Yaroslavl men’s preparatory school, and later a famous expert on teaching the Russian language in Russian and national school Alexey Matveevich Lebedev. The journal had different names: "Maternal language at school", " Maternal language and literature in labor school", "Russian language in the Soviet school" and, finally, "Russian language at school" (1936). For over 90 years of existence the review gathered vast information on the history and current status of the Russian language, its grammar, vocabulary, phraseology, stylistics and spelling.

Its archive contains articles of outstanding specialists in the sphere of the Russian Studies and methods of teaching the Russian language. They are A.M. Peshkovsky, L.V. Shcherba, D.N. Ushakov, V.V. Vinogradov, G.O. Vinokur, S.P. Obnorsky, R.I. Avanesov, S.G. Barkhudarov, N.M. Shansky, E.M. Galkina-Fedoruk, K.B. Barkhin, V.A. Dobromyslov, M.A. Rybnikova, M.V. Ushakov, A.V. Tekuchev, L.Yu. Maksimov, M.T. Baranov, L.P. Fedorenko, N.A. Plyonkin and many others.

At various times the review was headed by S.G. Barkhudarov, S.I. Abakumov, V.I. Borkovsky, E.M. Galkina-Fedoruk. From 1963 until his death in may 2005, the chief editor was RAE academician N.M. Shansky. Today "Russian language at school" is called the bible of teachers. Its content shows deep professional orientation. Diverse and wide-ranging material of the review meets the modern challenges of teaching the Russian language at school and university. Its pages contain the accessible and interesting presentment of the topical issues of teaching the Russian language. The special attention is paid to modern forms of advanced language study (additional and elective courses, etc.).

The content of the review consists of the following sections: "Methodics and experience" (with subsections on "Lessons of philology", "Beginner teacher", "Improve professional skills", "Didactic material"), "Methodological mail" (with subsections "Such different lessons...", "And this is how I do..."), "Out-of-school activities", "Methodics heritage", "Linguistic heritage", "Literary text analysis", "Linguistic notes", "Speech culture questions", "In the world of words", "Russian language at university", "Critique and bibliography", "Consultation" (with the current planning according to the school textbooks).

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